Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam ยท xxx-xxxxxxx ยท [email protected]

I am a technology expert and I am experienced in utilizing technology resources to deliver strategic values. With my battle-tested skills and knowledge, I can build and lead your engineering team to implement all your business needs and show you all the possible ways that technology can help to maximize your business potential.

๐Ÿ’ผ Qualification

  • Highly experienced in building internet solution covering from frontend to backend to infrastructure to DS/AI/ML
  • Experienced in building complex system such as social networks, ticketing, e-commerce, super app, identity system
  • Able to build and lead your engineering org to drive successful deliverables
  • Experienced in building highly available and fault tolerant distritbuted systems
  • A competitive programmer in modern programming languages including Go, Ruby, Python, Rust
  • Experienced in building/migrating applications with micro-service architecture
  • Experienced in dealing with different types of databases including SQL and NoSQL
  • A quick learner and builder, I am able to build usable products quickly utilizing existing stacks
  • A very hungry learner! I am very fascinated by the new technology and their applications

๐Ÿ’ป Experience

Director of Software Engineering

TIKI Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

TIKI is the leading e-commerce platform in Vietnam and it is on its way to be a new unicorn of South East Asia. At TIKI, I am

  • In charge of building Tiki Luot, a social-commerce network connecting seller and buyer and it is the new form of a marketplace for Tiki.
  • In charge of building Tiki mini-app platform backend. This is an effort to turn Tiki into a super app, on which new businesses can build apps to take advantage of the customer base, payment service, and excellent delivery service that Tiki has.
  • Techstack: Go, React, React Native, Postgres, Redis, AWS...

October 2020 - Present

Head of Engineering

TicketBox Inc., TIKI Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

TicketBox is the No. 1 ticketing platform in Vietnam. After being acquired by Tiki, TicketBox has the opportunity to expand its customer base and offer many more attractive services. I was hired to head the engineering at TicketBox and leading the integration of the TicketBox system into Tiki. At TicketBox/Tiki, I

  • Was in charge of the deliverables of the engineering team of TicketBox Pte Ltd. - a subsidiary company of TIKI
  • Was in charge of integrating TicketBox existing system into Tiki's eco-system
  • Designed infrastructure and implement the ticketing platform and social e-commerce platform for TicketBox
  • Was in charge of building a digital service platform for Tiki to offer customer selection such that billing, online courses...
  • Techstack: Go, React, Postgres, Redis, AWS...

October 2019 - October 2020

Engineering Lead

TrustingSocial, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

TrustingSocial is a fintech company that advances data science and technology to deliver financial access for all. At TrustingSocial, I

  • Revived a dead product name AVAY and made it another source of revenue for the company
  • Lead the most elite team of the company to deliver a web-scale lending platform for Vietnam's market
  • Was keen on identifying bottleneck and actively provided metrics and solutions for improvements
  • Designed and implemented core features that provide measurable impacts to the business
  • Held the engineering bar and maintained best practices across the organization
  • Techstack: Go, Angular, NodeJS, Postgres, MariaDB, Redis, AWS...

February 2018 - October 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Ultimate Software Inc., Weston, Florida, U.S.A.

Ultimate Software is an American technology company that develops and sells UltiPro, a cloud-based human capital management software system for businesses. At UltimateSoftware, I

  • Was a member of the elite team of three who built the first cloud platform solution for UltimateSoftware
  • Was in charge of building and maintaining UltimateSoftware's deployment platform on top of OpenStack
  • Played a key role in architecting and implementing PaaS products for deployment orchestration
  • Techstack: Python, Ruby, Go, Zookeeper, OpenStack,...
This project saved UltimateSoftware millions of dollars in deployment cost every year.

Mar 2014 - February 2018

Lead Engineer

Radius Online Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

RadiusOnline provides the perfect mix of cutting-edge technology, data & analytics, search engine, directory visibility, & strategy to maximize their local online success. At RadiusOnline, I

  • Lead RadiusOnline core web development and mobile development team
  • Built backend APIs for RadiusOnline digital marketing platform
  • Created and maintained web infrastructure for RadiusOnline Inc.
  • Techstack: Rails, Bootstrap, Postgresql, JS, AWS...

August 2013 - December 2014

Software Engineer

Ultimate Software Inc., Weston, Florida, U.S.A.

Ultimate Software is an American technology company that develops and sells UltiPro, a cloud-based human capital management software system for businesses. At UltimateSoftware, I

  • Built internal dashboards for monitoring hypervisors capacity for our private cloud
  • Built visualization to visualize network deployment topology
  • Worked on various internal projects
  • Techstack: OpenStack, Python, Ruby, AngularJS, JQuery, D3, Dashing...

May 2014 - August 2014

Software Developer

OpenSpan Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

OpenSpan focuses on desktop automation, it has a niche market in building automation for non-technical users. At OpenSpan, I

  • Built back end code for OpenSpan Console to work with Amazon Web Service for Cloud deployment
  • Built Cucumber code for OpenSpan Management Console
  • Built translators for OpenSpan to work with different adapters using C#
  • Built a cloud-based automated tester program for used by the core development team
  • Techstack: Rails, AWS, C#, Cucumber, RSpec...

May 2014 - August 2014

๐ŸŽ“ Education

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A

Bachelor of Science - Summa Cum Laude (Graduated with Highest Honor)
Computer Science - Focus on Devices and Intelligence
  • Georgia Tech Cooperative Plan
  • Briaerean Honor Society Member
  • Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society Member

๐Ÿ”จ Skills

Programming Languages & Tools
  • English (native), Vietnamese (native), Chinese (Conversational)
  • Golang, Python, Ruby, Rust
  • Backend, DevOps, Architecture, Networking, Video Processing, Realtime Processing
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Management

๐Ÿ˜ Interests

Apart from being a hard-cord software engineer, I enjoy a lot of thing around me including music, sports, books, foods, hangout...

  • ๐Ÿป
  • ๐Ÿ”
  • โšฝ๏ธ
  • ๐Ÿ“š
  • ๐ŸŽถ
  • ๐ŸŽฃ

Recently, I have started writing ๐Ÿ“š blog as a part time hobbies...

๐Ÿ† Awards & Certifications

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect - XXXXXXXXXXVQ13CW
  • Mensa Member #XXXXXXXX82
  • 2012 Outstanding Computer Science Student of the Year Award
  • 2nd Place, Annual Gainesville Mathematics Tournament
  • Martin Luther King Day of Service Award
  • Member of the International Honor Society
  • 3rd place individual, 4th place team, Gainesville Math Tournament
  • Best Newspaper Website 2 Year Division, Georgia Press Association